Alfaisal University

“The education of our youth rests on three foundations: Faith, Knowledge and Performance.”

King Faisal bin Abdulaziz

Chairman, Board of Directors
Alfaisal University

“Within the framework of its caring for human development, which is the most important basic factor in total development, King Faisal Foundation extends its projects in serving education through King Faisal Schools, Prince Sultan College of Tourism and Management, Effat College, in addition to Scholarship Programs. Today it presents Alfaisal University as a contemporary Arab academic university that has international scientific affiliations with similar institutions. Alfaisal uses its expertise to develop educational techniques and provide appropriate mechanisms to mobilize the wisdom of the Creator of the human mind’s abilities in order to innovate and upgrade life.
It is clear that the main obstacle that impedes the progress of Arab societies in general is the low quality of education and the inability of its prevailing systems and means – such as prompting and keeping by heart – to qualify humans to be able to advance a society pursuant to a scientific rule that adopts contemporary means and technology, and to fulfill the urgent need for training the educated on thinking so as to reach the right decision.
It is illogical to confine the mission of upgrading education to the State alone. It is unfair to the State and to the investment in the human element that serves society as a whole. All of society must stand shoulder to shoulder to carry out this mission.
Therefore, the aim of this University is to provide the student with the educational level he seeks abroad, to be an example for voluntary work which the private sector can contribute to the development of our homeland, and, at the same time, to employ its abilities and research centers to serve society, and to build bridges to the most advanced international sites in educational techniques and tools.”

Cofounding Partners

KFF | Dallah Albaraka Holding Company | Aljomaih Holding Company | Saudi Binladin Group | King Faisal specialist hospital & research centre | BOEING | BAE Systems | United Technologies | Thales International | Saudi- Oger ltd

Academics Partners

College of Medicine (PHI Partners Healthcare International, KFSHRC King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, SFH Security Forces Hospital, and KSMC King Saud Medical City) | College of Business (ILM Institute of Leadership & Management, IFS Institute of Finance) | College of Engineering (Queens University Belfast, Auburn University) | College of Science & General Studies (Jacksonville State University)


MOHE General Accreditation - granted to the university's four colleges | MOHE Approval of Study Plans & Final License - Granted for the entirety of its programs, including bachelors and masters for both genders. | NCAAA Accreditation Institutional) – untill 30 April 2023


Alfaisal University at a glance at a glance


Artology 2016 Art Expo under the patronage of HRH Prince Bader Bin Abdel-Mohsen AlSaud

Artology 2016 Art Expo under the patronage of HRH Prince Bader Bin Abdel-Mohsen AlSaud

Alfaisal Career Expo 2016

Alfaisal Carnival 2016

Alfaisal Carnival 2016

CAS (Community & Service ) Bazar 2016

CAS (Community & Service ) Bazar 2016

CAS (Community & Service ) Bazar 2016

Convocation Ceremony 2016

Colleges of Engineering, Business and Science Graduation Ceremony 2016

HRH Dr. Maha Bint Mishari AlSaud Speaking at the 3rd ACP Internal Medicine Update conference 2016

HRH Prince Sultan Bin Salman Al Saud Lecture, part of the College of Business lecture series 2016

King Faisal International Prize 2016 Winners visit to Alfaisal University

Saudi National Day 2016

Saudi International Medical Education Conference‎ (SIMEC) 2016

Saudi International Medical Education Conference‎ (SIMEC) 2016

Scientists in Islam Exhibition 2016

Scientists in Islam Exhibition 2016

Eco-friendly racing car built by College of Engineering students for Shell Eco Marathon 2016

Swedish Ministry of Education Delegation visit 2016

TEDx at Alfaisal University

Alfaisal graduation ceremony 2013.

Honor students at convocation 2013.

Alfaisal orphan day.

MBC's action Ya Dawry at Alfaisal.

Alfaisal university campus.


Research is at the core of Alfaisal University with generous funding and state-of-the-art labs with the most advanced techniques and methods employed to enhance the ability to produce high quality and multi-disciplinary research papers that are published by faculty and students in highly reputable journals.

  • The total external research funding awarded in 2016-2017 reached SAR 12 million. This funding came from different entities, including: Maarifah2, The General Administration of Research Grants, Boeing, ABB, King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology, Arabio, Princess Alanood Foundation, Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, Shell, Al-Jomaih Group, Ministry of Education, Saudi Aramco and I-Zone
  • 2016 US News Ranking: Alfaisal University ranked 12th out of 125 institutions in Arab Region & 5th out of 15 in the Kingdom
  • 2016 US News Ranking: Alfaisal University Medical School ranked 5th out of 125 institutions in Arab Region & 3rd out of 15 in the Kingdom
  • 2016 Times Higher Education: Alfaisal University ranked 4th in the Kingdom and had highest International Outlook score
  • 2017 Times Higher Education Young Universities: Alfaisal University ranked in the top 200 best young universities in the world under 50 years old
  • 2016 Nature Index: Alfaisal University ranked 3rd in national collaborations & 5th in regional collaborations
  • Currently there are seven active graduate programs at Alfaisal University: the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with its two tracks Health Care Management & Finance; the Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) with its five tracks Analytical Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Clinical Embryology & Reproductive Biology, Infection Control, and Molecular & Cell Biology; the Master of Engineering & Systems Management (MEM); the Master of Genetic Counselling (MGC); the Master of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (MNT); the Master of Public Health (MPH); and the Master of Radiological & Imaging Sciences (MRS)


Alfaisal University students enjoy a rich college experience thanks to oriented associations, committees and engaging community service. With bodies such as the Social & Development Committee (SDC), Community & Service Committee (CAS), as well as the Medical Student Association (MSA), the Engineering Student Association (ESA), the Business Student Association (BSA), and the Science Student Association (SSA), which are all committed to giving back to the community, students get the chance to organize, fuel, and partake in major social events. Among these are the Annual Blood Drive held on campus by (CAS), in collaboration with King Faisal Specialist Hospital, and Culture Day by (SDC), where students gather and represent their diverse cultures and traditions.
Students are also encouraged to interact with diverse clubs that offer various experiences to enrich their student life. In addition to that, they are also presented opportunities to participate in national and international conventions such as Tedx 2016; Power of Inspiration which inspired thousands of our students.


Located within our campus and with a strong affiliation to the university, Alfaisal University Preparatory Program (AUPP) was launched in 2007 as an initiative of the King Faisal Foundation, and was later merged with Alfaisal University in order for it to expand while maintaining the highest academic standards.
The AUPP represents one of the leading preparatory programs in the region. Our graduates are fully prepared for admission to the most challenging undergraduate programs in the world in the fields of engineering, sciences, business, and medicine.
With English as the language of instruction, the AUPP offers foundational courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Statistics, Business, and Entrepreneurship. We also provide skills development in communication, leadership, time management, and critical thinking, with special attention given to students when necessary to help them give their full potential in standardized tests. AUPP students receive tailored programs for the career they hope to pursue, and AUPP graduates discover they have received a head start on their academic and professional careers.


  • 62% of the UPP students have a Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) scholarship.
  • Since 2008, the number of scholarships awarded to AUPP students has tripled.
  • The number of students enrolled in the AUPP has increased 300% since its establishment.


Please visit AUPP website
Admissions information


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Mohamed Husam Alrazaz College of Engineering

He was selected as Young Future Energy Leader at the “World Future Energy Summit” in Abu Dhabi.

Arif Abdulbaki, Anas Jobeir, Ahmed Alshibi, Mohamed Dive Sabbagh, and Khalid Alshehri College of Medicine

They published their research article “Diabetes, Stroke and Hyperhomosysteinemia: the Missing Link” as a chapter in a book entitled “Horizons in Neuroscience Research, Volume 5” by Nova publishers, New York, USA.

Ayman Awad, Abdulhadi A. Alamoudi, Ahmed M. Abu-Zaid, Mohamed A. Shareef, Ammar J. Alsheikh, Asem Omar Daghestany, Asim Mahmoud, and Mohamed Hejazie College of Medicine

They won the First Prize in the 8th International Scientific Conference for Medical Students in the GCC Countries.

Rama Alhalaf, Haneen Beetalmal, and Asma Alhoulan College of Medicine

They participated in the prestigious ‘Mawhiba Program’ under the patronage of King Abdulaziz & His Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity.

Eman Abdullah AlYemni and Walla Katan College of Science

They had their paper accepted for presentation at Undergraduate Biomedical Ethics Symposium, Western Michigan University (USA).

Abdullah AlShammari, Sadek Obeidat, Muhannad AboSaleh, and Akram Nurhussen’s

They submitted an abstract entitled “Effectiveness of an Innovative Community-Based Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop” to LIMSC (Leiden International Medical Student Conference 2011) and it was evaluated as one of the 15 best among more than 600 submitted abstracts from 36 different nations.

Ahmad Shamia, Malik Nassan, Mohamed Adeeb Sebai, and Mohamed Rayzack College of Medicine

They won the First Award at the “State of Art Pediatric International Conference” at King Fahd Cultural Center during an undergraduate research session on “Genomic Approaches Reduce the Diagnostic Challenge in Retinal Dystrophy Patients and Reveal Novel Diseases Genes”

Cynthia Mosher, Asma AlHoulan, Tahreem Khan, Reem Hamadah, Alaa Hashem, Yosra Almakadama, Abdullah Sarkar, and Abdulrahman AlHamadani College of Medicine

They won the Second Award at the “State of Art Pediatric International Conference” at King Fahd Cultural Center during an undergraduate research session on “Improving Breastfeeding in Saudi Arabia: The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative”

Alrabab Alshanqity, Safia Andleeb, Tahreem Khan, Norah AlArifi, Leen Raddaoui, and Ahmad Shamia, with the collaboration and guidance of Dr. Saadallah, Dr. Qureshi, Dr. AlRajhi, and Ms. Fadwa Mansour College of Medicine

They won the Third Award at the “State of Art Pediatric International Conference” at King Fahd Cultural Center during an undergraduate research session on “Timeliness of Care for Pediatric Patients in DEM at KFSHRC”.

Mohamed D. Ray-zack College of Medicine

He won the First Prize for the research entitled “Relationship between Postmenopausal Obesity and Breast Cancer Progression”. The event was held on Nov 6th - 8th 2012 at the Postgraduate Center at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center.

Asma Alhoulan, Reem Hamada, Tehreem Khan, Abdurahman Al-Hamdani, Alaa AbouBakr, Yosra AlMakadma, Abdullah Sarkar, and Cynthia Mosher College of Medicine

They entered the Cureus Poster Competition 2012 and won the most popular vote in Cureus Fall 2012 Poster competition.

Adel Helmi, Ali Rahmatullah, and Karam Hamaweyah College of Medicine Ammar Awaad and Jude Tashkandi College of Business

They worked together on the TCE project to cater for a lack in the material that created a college life experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from hoodies to mugs, t-shirts, and more.

Abdullah Alzamil College of Business

He was awarded the First Prize at the Gulf Competitive Forum for heading one of the “100 Fastest Growing Companies in Saudi Arabia”

MBA Students

During our MBA course Management Information Systems for Competitive Advantage, we produced several conference and journal articles. We submitted nine of them to the EDULEARN12 conference in Spain and they were accepted for presentation. Due to the lack of funds and support, only three articles were presented and, therefore, part of the proceedings of the conference.

Khalid Mansour Alsaud College of Business

Founded the first Saudi Entertainment Company, Luxury Event. Luxury Event was the first company to help Saudi youth take stand-up comedy as a profession and organize the first stand-up comedy shows in Syria, Yemen, and Jordan.

Muath Khlifawi College of Business

Co-founder of the first company specialized in Talent Management in KSA, TIME, which is now the official agency for more than 25 celebrities in the region.

Norah Al Kraidees, Reem Alghunaim, Alanood Alrodhan, and Alanoud Alsaud College of Business

They won the 4th place at Saudi Universities Debate Competition.

Sara al Showaier College of Business

She authored and published a book entitled “khawater ma qabl al 18”, before turning 18.

AlAnoud Musaad AlTurki College of Engineering

The first Saudi female engineering student selected by Lockheed Martin (LM) to participate in their Visitation Program for High-Tech Training at their facilities in the United States of America (USA)

Mishari Turki Al Saud & Faisal Mohammed Aljadaan College of Engineering

They founded the Community & Service Club, which initiated the blood donation campaign, the winter clothes campaign, and the awareness workshops and guest lecture series; complementing students’ extra-curricular development.

Naqui Haider Rizwi College of Engineering

Valedictorian Graduation Ceremony 2012-2013

Mohamed Tareq Abdelaty Mohamed College of Engineering

Valedictorian Graduation Ceremony 2013-2014

Ayman Awad, Marwan Dabbagh, Dabaliz Al-Awwab, Abdulazeez Barakat, and Ahmed Elhaitham College of Medicine

They published their first chapter entitled: “Medical Curriculum: Students’ Perspective” in the recently published book “Health and Disease: Curriculum for the 21st Century Medical Students”.

Nawaf Albali, Mohammad AlKhani, Fathia Shacfe, and Dana Kalaji College of Medicine

Selected by Boeing to participate in Boeing Innovation Summit "What's next?" in Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi in November 2014.

Mohammed Riyadh Alsaadoon College of Medicine

Founder of the active students “Smile You Are Blessed” cancer support initiative.

Ahmed Salah Qannita College of Medicine

Founder of “Change Team”, an active student’s organization that aims at improving university life experience.

Haneen Thabit Salah College of Medicine

Participated in the 10th Bahrain University Model United Nations (BUMUN) in 2014; won the 2nd and 3rd place in Alfaisal University’s 5th Annual Research Poster Competition in 2014.

Lynn Osama Alkhatib College of Medicine

Won the Diplomacy Award in “Bahrain Universities Model United Nations”. She was the Delegate of Jordan in Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC).

Rama Alhallaf College of Medicine

Elected Student President for Alfaisal Graduation Ceremony 2014

Naif Al Homoud College of Business

President of the Social & Development Committee (SDC), which organizes successful student events

Jori Abdulwahab Ababtain College of Business

Represented the College of Business in Bahrain Model United Nations; Represented the College of Business in the Boeing Innovation Summit “What’s next?” in Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi in 2014.

Salman Ahmed Alsudairy College of Business

Won the Honorary award in “Bahrain Universities Model United Nations”. He was the delegate of Australia in the General Assembly.

Al Jawhara AlQaeed College of Business

She presented a paper at The Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics Annual Conference, held June 2016 at the University of California, Berkeley. The paper was accepted after a competitive review process and was praised by many scientists and considered one of the best papers presented.

Salman Alsudairi College of Business

He is the founder and secretary general of Alfaisal Model United Nations Society. Salman initiated and led the ECOSOC conference, which was a successful event that gave the students a professional, fun way to experience how the UN operates.

Abdullah Al Shalhoub College of Business

He received a research grant from Boeing Company for conducting a business research to assess the extent that “project selection approach adopted by local companies impacts the implementation of their strategic plans”. The research was conducted by the student and supervised by the director of Quality Assurance at the College of Business. Advanced analytical data gathering and analysis techniques were applied. The research won the second prize in a local poster competition and a journal article is being prepared for publication.

Khalid Shathri College of Business

He established a private company for customs and shipment after his graduation in 2012.

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