Effat University

“She [Queen Effat Al- Thunayyan Al-Saud] always used to stress that a woman's education is her weapon, and that a community without educated women is a deficient community.”

Princess Sarah Alfaisal, Chairperson of Effat University's Board of Trustees

Effat University

I am pleased to introduce you to Effat University, the premier university for women in Saudi Arabia.
At Effat, we are committed to academic excellence and continuously work to elevate the standards of education as well as broaden the range of majors available. We strive to serve our community and nation in full support of King Abdullah’s quest to transform Saudi Arabia into a knowledge-based economy.
The last decade has witnessed an increase in demand for highly qualified members of the community who are united in their quest for self-reliance; who retain their national identity while mastering the challenges of rapid technological development and globalization. The education gained at Effat equips our graduates to rise to these challenges academically, personally, socially, and professionally.
We aim to educate tomorrow’s leaders at an international standard by providing an inter-disciplinary environment, managing resources effectively to offer life-long learning, providing community service learning experiences, encouraging national and international collaboration, and inspiring new models of learning to maximize the educational experience. We enable our students to mature to well-rounded, competent, and articulate citizens and leaders.


Princess Effat Al-Thunayyan Al-Saud (May God rest her soul) was known for her endless passion towards teaching and learning. Having a holistic vision of education, she dedicated half a century to establishing schools and philanthropic societies spreading traditional Islamic values and respect for all. With her deep understanding of the importance of extracurricular activities, technological advances, and international partnerships, she founded Effat College in 1999 and, thus, contributed to educating a large number of women who grew to become distinguished members of society thanks to her legacy.



was the
women’s only higher
education institution in Saudi Arabia
to offer Architecture, Electrical
& Computer Engineering, Entrepreneurship,
Visual & Digital Production, Operation &
Information Management, and Energy
Engineering,Islamic Finance Management,
and Urban Design as Masters Programs
amongst others as a course of
study for women.

Launched in


with only





it has more than




are on scholarship


faculty/student ratio



Driven by a strong belief in the divine act of reading and the major role it plays in shaping the future of the nation, Effat University strives to increase human knowledge through reviving reading – or the verb IQRA as mentioned in the Holy Quran. Through it, Effat graduates acquire and live by a set of dignified and empowering characteristics that allows them to contribute positively to the enlightenment of the nation and become responsible leaders.











works with


high ethical


leadership &


representative & reaches
out to others

the first women


from Saudi Arabia with a degree in


graduated from Effat University


enrolled this year

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Effat University Entrance

Effat Library & Cultural Museum.

Engineering Lab

Student Lounge

Architecture Studio

Visual & Digital Production lab

Effat Library & Cultural Museum.

Student lounge.

Effat University is equipped with extensive sport facilities for its students.

Effat University students actively participate in extra-curricular activities such as the debate club. These activities help shape them into forward thinkers, and leaders in their fields.

Effat University students at work in the Architecture studios.

Students at work in one of Effat University's Science and Engineering labs.

The main entrance to Effat University.


in 1955

Queen Effat

inaugurated the

girls only
school Dar al Hanan
in Saudi Arabia

50 Female students in 1955
over 571,873 female students today

Less than 5 female teachers in
1955 over 333,843 female school teachers and 29,889 female faculty

there are now 660+ colleges
and 43 universities in Saudi Arabia


of students in higher education are females in Saudi Arabia

The gender gap score in Saudi Arabia is 1.1 of males and females in university enrollment.

This score is the international average of gender gap

Education in the Kingdom: National Results and International Comparisons – Report in 2015



Not Reachable

Seeking a Job

Continuing their higher



Effat College is launched with 2 academic departments


Effat College establishes 3 new programs


Effat College becomes an independent Institution of Higher Education operating under the umbrella of the King Faisal Foundation


Three new majors are introduced, including the 1st department offering Engineering degrees to women in Saudi Arabia


Effat College acquires University status as a private institution of higher education for women with three colleges


Effat University offers the Master of Islamic Financial Management Degree


Effat University receives full institutional accreditation from the NCAAA


Effat University has been awarded 5 Stars in the categories of Employability and Facilities, and 4 Stars in the category of Teaching Inclusiveness and by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)


Effat University won the prestigious King Abdulaziz Quality Award in the category of private higher education institutions


Effat University received a full institutional re- accreditation for the period 2017 to 2024 by the Education Evaluation Commission
Effat University offered the Master of Energy Engineering
Effat University received accreditation by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) for Effat University’s three engineering programs
Effat University ranks within the best 100 universities in the Arab region according to QS Ranking


Effat University provides the students with a wide range of support services that focus on enhancing the students’ educational, personal, and professional experience. Hence, the university established Enhancement Programs and Centers, Student Life Office, Career Development Office, Effat Alumnae Association, Medical Clinic and Counselling Services. The Effat Ambassador Program is a student development program that allows every student to fulfill the university core values of IQRA through the demonstration of the four Effat University Graduate Characteristics. Every year, Effat University recognizes an outstanding student of academic and personal merit to hold the Queen Effat Citizenship Award (QECA). Furthermore, the Student Government is a student organization run by students for students, independent from the educational facility.


Effat University built strong relationships and agreements with very well-established international institutions and universities. Among its renowned partners are: Georgetown University, Duke University, University of Miami, University of Boston, Syracuse University, and Carnige Mellon University in USA; University of Western Sidney in Australia; and Tokai University in Japan.


Hiba Shahid, Samar Abdulate, and Noura Al Gethmi Electrical and Computer Engineering

They won the 2nd place for the research project they presented at the American University of Sharjah on February 12th 2013.

Molook Al Sheikh Information Systems

An active blogger and writer, she was hosted on Al Arabiya Channel’s big show, “Hewar Al Arab” (Arab Dialogue) on January 11th 2013 to discuss Arabs and Twitter.

Asmaa Jalal Khan and Luma Mukhtar Information Systems

They won the Organization Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Project Prize for the year 2012.

Karima Saif Khandaker, Mai Al Marzogi, Razan Jambi Electrical and Computer Engineering, Human Resources, Finance

They won the 1st place at the P&G Wall Street Challenge Competition held on May 15th 2012.

Ghofran Masoud Psychology

A researcher, designer, and trainer in designing and programming robots, she has won national and international prizes such as the Ebda’a Competition in 2010 (4th place) and the ICS in 2011 (2nd place).

Mome Gul Hussain and Wojood Rozi Electrical and Computer Engineering

They won the 4th place at the 3rd Ministry of Higher Education Scientific Conference for their Biofuel project in 2011.

Abeer Al Saggaf, Mome Gul Hussain, Samar Abdulate, and Reem Hadadi Electrical and Computer Engineering Students

They won the 10th place at the 3rd Ministry of Higher Education Scientific Conference for their Fuel Level System project in 2011.

Nada Radwan, Sanna Sediqi, Lubna Shahid Computer Science, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Their Project "Floor Piano" ranked 10th at the Ministry of Higher Education’s Third Scientific Conference in 2011

Madiha Khayyat Psychology

Former President of the Student Government and a presenter of a YouTube show , she initiated many projects on campus and occupied leading positions.

Haneen Bawayan, Juahir Al-Bakri, Maha Nour, and Maryam Tora Electrical and Computer Engineering

They won the 2nd prize at the 2012 IEEE Women in Engineering Competition for their Automated Shipment Sorter Project.

Abrar Wafa, Bara’ah Samkari, and Noor Alenezi Electrical and Computer Engineering

They won the 3rd prize at the 2012 IEEE Women in Engineering Competition for their Computer Controlled RC Helicopter Project.

Nouf Al-Himiary Engineering

She won the Create & Inspire Art Competition. Her photo was announced at the Global Competitiveness Forum in Riyadh and is now showcased in Adis Gallery at the British Museum.

Mariam Hamidaddin Psychology

She was selected to represent Saudi Arabia in the G20 for the 2011 Summit held on October 16th-21st 2011 at the Académie Internationale Diplomatique in Paris, France.

Lulwa Juhtai
Effat English Academy

Winner of the Red Bull Doodle Art, she acquired 1400 votes in 8 days and her drawing will be featured on back-packs sold internationally.

Nariman Halawani Psychology

She is the 1st Saudi student to join the summer academic program held on June 23rd – 30th 2013 since its establishment, which aims at encouraging dialogue among people with different backgrounds and faiths.

Lena-Maria Al Yedressy Psychology

One of the youngest delegates at the Women’s Forum in Deauville, she is a member of the “I live 2 lead” NGO which promotes women’s empowerment worldwide.

Bushra Siddiqi, Hurreia Balouch, and Sana Faruqi Business

Forming the “Effatians” team, they won the 2nd place in the Unilever Idea Trophy Competition in 2011.

Ayesha Fatima Khan, Raneem Refai, and Iram Rizvi Business

Forming the “Camellia” team, they won the 3rd place in the Unilever Idea Trophy Competition in 2011.

Lamya Megaibel Registration Assistant

She won the 1st prize at the Annual Okaz Creative Advertising Awards (OCAA) for designing a creative ad about Jeddah city in 8 hours on January 31st 2012.

Janna M. Baarmah Entrepreneurship

She won Queen Effat Citizenship Award (2014/2015). She represented Saudi Arabia in Saudi Culture Week in Rome and Berlin. She participated in “Unleash" Group, which won 1st place, by “Injaz Community Service Program”. She made film projects. She was a member of Student Shurah Council and Student Government, and is currently the VP of the VDP club

Nashwa Al-Akeel, Raghad Jamalallai, and Rahaf Alsaieri Psychology, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Human Resources Management

They were the delegates of Singapore, Angola and Maynmar at the 10th Bahrain Universities Model United Nations in November 2014, and are active members of Effat Model United Nations Club.

Noha ALDagis, Sara Alarifi, Raghd Jamalallail, Razan Jambi, Hatoon Jamjom Engineering and Business

They were members in “Qiyadat Administrative Leadership Program”, developed by Singapore Cooperation Enterprise and supervised by HRH Prince Khalid Alfaisal.

Lamia Ghamri and Hedayah Menkabo Business and Engineering

They won the Best Project Award.

Nimra Fatima Qassim English & Translation

She won the First place in Toastmasters competition for public speaking, which was held in Dammam, April 23rd 2016.

Riham Al Timani Visual and Digital Production

She won the Silver Palm prize at the Saudi Film Festival, in Dammam On Thursday March 28th, 2016.

Ftoon Khayat Operations & Information Management

She won Second Place at the Regional competition of The Quest by Unilever, in Cairo in February 2016

Jannah Baarmah Entrepreneurship

She won the 3rd place in MIT Enterprise Forum Saudi Arabia, which was held in January 16th 2016 at Abdullatif Jameel Hall

Jannah Baarmah Entrepreneurship

She won 1st place in Jeddah Entrepreneurs Week, which was held in January 26th – 27th 2016 at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce

Riham Al Timani Visual & Digital Production

She won Best Student Documentary Film in Jeddah’s Youth Film Festival at Literary Club Theater from January 30th - February 2nd 2016

Salwa Samargandi Architecture graduate

She won the 2nd prize for her capstone project, Prince Sultan bin Salman Award for Urban Heritage 2015 in February.

Sarah Al Arifi

She won the Queen Effat Citizenship Award for year 2015/2016

Bushra Alandijani’s animated film Visual & Digital Production

She won the Encouragement Award as it was the first Arabic participation at the 2015 Chitrakatha International Student Animation Festival in India.

Yasmin Soliman Architecture

She won the 1st prize in Radical Innovation 2015 Competition in Architecture, which was held in the United States of America.

Nimra Naqvi

She won the “Best Humorous Speaker” Award in March 21st 2015

Nora Alfraikh Visual and Digital Production

She won the Bronze Palm, one of the three awards selected by the jury members of the Saudi Film Festival in Dammam in 2015.

Fatma Attar Visual & Digital Production

She was chosen to be one of the juries of the Doha Film Experience in 2015

Iman Omar Balubaid Architecture graduate

She won the 3rd prize at Nasser bin Hamad International Youth Creativity Award

Nashwa Al-Akeel, Raghad Jamalallail, and Rahaf Alsaieri

Students of Effat University, represented Singapore, Angola, and Myanmar in 10th Bahrain Universities Model United Nations on November 2014.

Israa Qassas, Sarah AlHarthey and Meral Khan

They won the 1st runner-up in the recently concluded Search for the Region’s Top Business Talent The Quest by UNILEVER

Lamia Ghamri and Hedayah Menkabo Business and Engineering

They won the Best Project Award. Development Program that is under the supervision of HRH Prince Khalid Alfaisal.

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